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Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,250 Shop Now

Amazon is offering Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Beauty Trimmer for Women at a discounted price of Rs.1,699/- only. To get this deal follow the below mention steps.

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer for Women – Waterproof

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as of August 27, 2020 5:28 pm

Gentle hair removal and precise shaping for your delicate body parts, ideal for upper lip, side burns and eyebrows; Waterproof: Can be used in shower; For perfect eyebrows use the small head and add the comb, Place the device over your eyebrow and move it against the direction of hair growth;...

User reviews

I know how confusing it is to buy it for first time. So here is the review for you hope it will help.1. The product comes in a handy carry bag. Pink colour bag which is not that durable but yes for initial month you can carry the product in the bag after you unpack all the accessories.2. Now come to the product quality it’s really really easy to use. And no single pain or irritation you will feel.3. All of the accessories are trimmer not shaver so you have to keep it in mind that it will just trim you hair whether it’s in eyebrow or underarm on bikini area.4. FOR EYEBROW ITS A BIG NO. Do not even think of using it on your eyebrows not even for a little bit trimming. Trust me on this no matter how beautiful the ads are the product is not for your eyebrows. IF YOU STILL WANT TO TRY YOU WILL ONLY END UP WITH A HORRIBLE EYEBROW.5. For facial hair it’s a big YES. The most painful thing is removing facial hair in parlour and another problem for me is that whenever I remove the facial hair in parlour I ended up having some pimple, rash or some minor cut, irritation. With this trimmer I can not even describe how happy I am. It’s just perfectly removes your facial hair. Whatever facial hair quality you have the quality will not get worse. You will not get back any thick hair. DO NOT WORRY THAT YOU WILL ENDED UP LIKE A BEADED MAN.6. For underarms it’s a big yes. If you have a quick party and you do not have time to go to the parlour and you have a little hair growth then the device is the ans to all your problem. Quickly apply the product on your facial hair, Under arms, upper lips forehead and the gap between your eyebrow and you are good to go.7. For upper lips also it’s a big YES. In my case I have to go to parlour one in a month for eyebrow but for upper lips I had to visit parlour after 10 days. Now it’s a big relief with vet sensitive touch. Even I really feel after threading may be the hair quality is thicker. But after trimming with this the hair grow back quality is normal.8. For forehead I will say You can use it but very carefully around the eyebrow area. Cover up your eyebrows with a hand then apply the trimmer on your forehead with other hand. It will provide you a good finish.9. The caps provided with the product is useful if you are using it for bikini area. Otherwise for facial hair, underarms and forehead, upper lips there’s no need of this cap. For bikini are you first have to trim the hairs with the cap then go for the final trimming with the cap removed.If you want to get rid of repetitive parlour visit for upper lips , facial hair then go for it. If you calculate the total price of your parlour visit for a entire year then this product is a better pocket friendly hassle free ans 🥰
Product: Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer for Women (Pink)I've been using cream hair remover so far - and didn't want to use it too frequently since it involves chemicals. Since I swim on a regular basis, I wanted a solution that I could use more frequently and easily without fear of chemical overuse. I've always been terrified of razor/blade for fear of hurting myself. I decided to take a risk with this product, and I'm very happy with the results. I was initially scared to use it, but was able to use it within minutes of experimenting - directly without even using the comb extensions.The only thing I am still nervous about is running it over the eyebrow with the comb as shown in demos, but have been able to use it to clear the gap between the eyebrows. I have found it easier to use it without the comb extensions, using "distance from hair root" to manage the length of the cut. I tried out all combinations/extensions on my leg hair first till I got comfortable about handling the device - it was easier after that to work on the desired areas .But to set expectations correctly, this is a trimmer that cuts hair, and the results will not be like waxing or hair removing cream. But one can cut the hair very close to the surface of the skin. Just needs a bit of practice and appropriate caution initially, and it is fit for all purposes !Also, the blade doesn't touch the skin - it seems it works like a "horizontal scissor" rather than a "razor blade". So there is no blade-dragging over skin especially on spots when there is very less hair. It works on the hair, not the skin. I'm very happy with this purchase !
The product is average, but not suitable for bikini area. For d rest part of body it is good.

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